5 Myths You Need To Forget About Car or Bus or Bike Rental Companies

When we talk about car rental companies, there may be various things that you might have heard about which may be true to some extent but not all the time. So below are 5 myths you need to forget about Car Bus Bike Rental Companies in Dehradun.

  1. Some people think that we pay same price with our without pre booking or reservation.

    But it always advisable to book your vehicle in advance. There may be some offer on pre booking and while pre booking you get options to opt your vehicle. During peak seasons, prices will always be high especially if you are a walk-in car renter and chances of getting a car are always slim. This not only helps you save money but also guarantees that you have a car ready when you arrive. This not only helps you save money but also guarantees that you have a car ready when you arrive.

  2. Brand rental company offer cheap service.

    Are you one of them who think that getting your taxi booked with branded rental companies is cheap? And they gives you better service? If yes, then you are absolutely wrong. Instead local car rental service providers or independent local car rental companies in Dehradun are best pick to choose from. They have better knowledge of location and in order to grab the market, they offer excellent service at very affordable price.

  3. Rent a vehicle for one hour or one day, you will pay the same!

    Many people believe that although you rent a vehicle for one hour, you will be charged for the whole day. But it is wrong, Hansvahini rental Service provides vehicle on hourly basis. Whether you drive for 1 hour or you want the car or vehicle for couple of hour, pay as per your requirement.

  1. Whether you postpone the time of arrival, you won’t be charged extra!

    No, it is not possible. The rental company won’t extend the time of your as per your arrival unless proper information is provided before 24 – 48 hours. When you are late on your arrival venue that solely is not the fault of the rental companies.  You must have booked the car, taxi considering the time required to travel from your pick up place to drop up place. However if the flight doesn’t show up on time or is delayed that doesn’t mean the driver will wait for you to arrive. Any changes should be communicated accordingly as any “unclaimed” car will easily attract good client especially when someone turns up in need and they did not have a reservation.

  1. Rental companies charge ‘HUGE’

    Rental companies charge hefty amount for emergency booking. Actually it is totally a myth. Although they may ask you to pay additional 10% or 20%. Or you will be asked for a certain limited amount as the additional fees.  But they won’t ask for double or triple of the cost.

So forget about these 5 myths and book your vehicle for the next trip/ vacation with Hansvahini Rental Service!

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